About Us

We developed the polyurethane machines that we started to manufacture at the beginnings of 90s with technological improvements. The machines we develop are equipped with latest technology and high quality standards. We gathered the best in one machine to compete with others. We present New Generation Qplus High Pressure Polyurethane Machines combining with the most quality pumps, leading brands and 25 year experience. We stepped into the sector of polyurethane with our new generation Qplus machines. We took our place among the bests with our machines. Our target is to prioritise customers' satisfaction with our difference, high quality, charming price, easy to use compact models at PU sector. We see the demands of our customers as a tailor sewing custom-made dresses considering application necessities.

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Exporter Manufacturer
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TSE-EN-ISO 9001-2008
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Halil İbrahim TÜRK
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Halil İbrahim TÜRK